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Pet Wellness Exams

Our wellness exams go beyond the surface as we perform a physical exam and administer the appropriate vaccinations, parasite prevention, and diagnostic testing.


Beyond the physical aspects, we believe in the importance of a holistic approach to pet wellness. Our veterinarians take the time to address your questions and concerns, providing guidance on nutrition, exercise, behavior, and overall well-being. We are here to be your trusted partners in ensuring a happy and healthy life for your beloved companion.

At Village Square Woodside, we understand that pets are cherished family members, and their well-being is paramount. Our pet wellness exams are designed to promote preventive care, early detection, and personalized recommendations tailored to your pet’s specific needs, even when they’re not sick.

Schedule your pet’s wellness exam today and embark on a journey of proactive care and lifelong health together. Trust us to provide the compassionate, comprehensive care your pet deserves.