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Our caring veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and support staff are the heart of our animal hospital. They demonstrate unwavering care and compassion, working tirelessly to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for both you and your pet. With gentle handling and a calming atmosphere, they go above and beyond to make every visit a positive experience.

village square woodside VETERINARY TEAM

We are committed to delivering exceptional veterinary care with a personal touch, ensuring your pets receive the love and attention they deserve.


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Dr. Melanie Connor is currently serving as the Medical Director at Village Square Woodside, bringing her expertise and passion for veterinary medicine to the Bay Area. Originally from Southern California, she embarked on her educational journey at Colorado State University, where she pursued both her undergraduate and veterinary degrees.

After completing her veterinary studies, Dr. Connor returned to her roots in California and delved into a comprehensive year-long internship focusing on sports medicine, surgery, internal medicine, and critical care. Since then, she has thrived in private practice, leveraging her diverse skill set to provide top-notch care to her furry patients.

In 2020, Dr. Connor further expanded her toolkit by earning her acupuncture certification from CuraCore Veterinary Acupuncture. This additional expertise enables her to craft personalized treatment plans tailored not only to the needs of her patients but also to seamlessly integrate with her clients’ lifestyles.

Beyond the clinic walls, Dr. Connor finds joy and fulfillment in various outdoor pursuits. Whether she’s riding and competing with her beloved horses, Volt and Noodle, hiking and camping alongside her fiancé and dog, Huck, or embarking on adventures to explore new destinations. She embraces every opportunity to immerse herself in nature and new experiences. Dr. Connor’s dedication to her patients, coupled with her adventurous spirit, truly sets her apart in the veterinary field.

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Dr. Candice Sefchik is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, she has worked in both emergency and primary care settings, including over two years of full-time emergency work experience prior to joining the team at Village Square. She has a special interest in both internal medicine and emergency cases and has BLS/ACLS certification for life-saving interventions.

Dr. Sefchik is very passionate about ethical veterinary care and minimizing stress during veterinary visits. She is CALM certified and is in the process of becoming Fear-Free certified. In her free time, she is a dog mom to two Belgian Malinois (Zsa Zsa and Zorro). She also enjoys playing the flute, attending concerts, perfecting vegan recipes, and exploring all that California has to offer.

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DR. Belen Marquez, DVM
Dr. Belen Barragan (previously Dr. Marquez) is originally from Mexico City and earned her veterinary degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2018. As part of her graduation requirements, she worked for the Department of Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry and published a thesis focused on the evaluation of minerals in dry dog food. Nutrition was already a passion of hers, and she decided to pursue this specialty.

After graduation, Dr. Barragan headed to Ames, Iowa, to complete a Small Animal Rotating Internship at Iowa State University, where she mainly worked in the ER and internal medicine department. In 2021, she completed a two-year Small Animal Clinical Nutrition Residency program at the University of California, Davis. During her residency, Dr. Barragan obtained expertise in developing customized nutritional plans for dogs and cats, including formulating home-cooked diet recipes. Dr. Barragan completed her Board Certification through the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in August 2022.

Dr. Barragan continued developing relationships with pets and clients by working at a private practice in the California Bay Area before joining Village Square Woodside in October 2023. She currently sees general practice patients and offers customized clinical nutrition consultations for dogs and cats.

Dr. Barragan has a cute poodle mix called Taffy, and enjoys taking her to the beach with her husband.

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Dr. AnaClara Muñoz completed her veterinary degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City, followed by a 6-month research internship with the University of Bristol (UK) Animal Welfare and Behavior group. She continued her clinical experience with a small animal medicine and surgery internship at Kansas State University, followed by a three-year behavioral medicine (veterinary psychiatry) residency at North Carolina State University.

During her residency, Dr. Muñoz treated a variety of patients, including dogs, cats, birds, and even lemurs and bears! She also studied the effect of a medication for storm anxiety used for storm phobia in dogs and published her results in a scientific journal.

After her residency, Dr. Muñoz came to the Bay Area and worked for a year and a half at the SF SPCA behavior specialty clinic before returning to general practice here at Village Square Woodside in March 2024. Dr. Muñoz is passionate about preventative behavioral care and identifying and addressing chronic pain in pets and currently sees general practice patients. She is Fear Free Certified and enjoys helping her patients feel as comfortable and safe as possible during their appointments.

Although originally from Mexico, Dr. Muñoz spent a great part of her childhood in the Bay Area and is thrilled to be back. Dr. Muñoz enjoys hiking with her husband and her lovely Corgi, Argos, on the weekends and training Argos to do his physical therapy exercises at home.


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Lucile has been on the team since 2015 as another of our talented RVTs. She works at both of our locations. Lucile has a son at home, two cats, and two dogs named Lola and Luna. She enjoys spending time with her family, running/hiking with her dogs, and reading.

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Julia, RVT

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Veterinary assistants

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Megan joined Village Square Woodside in 2021, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and a deep passion for animal care. She started her path with animals by volunteering at the SFSPCA in high school and went on to pursue a degree in Animal Science from UC Davis. Megan serves as a vital member of our team, fulfilling the role of a dedicated veterinary assistant. Outside of work, Megan enjoys training and competing with her Belgian Malinois, Zuko, in the sport of French Ring. She also has an older German Shepherd named Kali.
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Allie began her veterinary journey at Village Square Veterinary Hospital in 2021. With a compassionate touch and a dedication to animal well-being, she serves as a trusted resource for clients seeking guidance or reassurance. She is deeply committed to employing low-stress techniques in patient care, ensuring each animal feels safe and respected. Allie is diligently pursuing her education to earn certification as a registered veterinary technician. Beyond her professional pursuits, her love for animals is evident in her leisure activities. She enjoys horseback riding, tending to her numerous pets, and volunteering with a non-profit organization called Street Dog Coalition that provides free veterinary care to pets of people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.
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Candace, VA

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Victoria, VA

Victoria joined Village Square full time in 2021 but volunteered for the clinic while in highschool. She also volunteered at the SPCA briefly which gave her a huge motivation to continue her work for animal care. On her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and her cat Diamond.

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Tiffany, VA
Tiffany joined the Village Square Team at the beginning of 2024. Tiffany started as a veterinary receptionist in 2016 and has since worked her way up to being an excellent veterinary assistant. She has experience in general practice and shelter medicine. She loves the fast-paced environment of being a veterinary assistant and the variety of tasks that must be performed with each patient. She enjoys making a positive difference in the lives of not only the animals but their owners. Outside of work, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family, going to baseball games, cooking, reading with her book club, and traveling. She shares her home with her husband and two cats “Noodle” & “Olive”
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Alyssa, VA, Kennel

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Cynthia, VA, CRS, Kennel
Cynthia’s journey into the realm of animal care began during her high school years when she discovered her passion while volunteering at a greyhound rescue. From that moment, she committed herself to joining a dedicated team focused on the welfare of animals. This aspiration led her to the nurturing environment of Village Square Woodside, where she embarked on her journey as a veterinary assistant under their guidance. In her spare time, Cynthia cares for her two cherished companions: Teddy, her faithful senior dog companion since the age of 12, and Mouse, a playful kitten she fostered and couldn’t resist making a permanent member of her family. Cynthia is actively pursuing opportunities to expand her expertise, fueled by her ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.


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Bernadette, CRS
Bernadette is trusted by many clients for her thorough care of our patients. With her background as a registered medical assistant, her willingness to communicate keeps owners feeling empowered with knowledge and understanding about their pet’s medical needs and conditions. Bernadette found her love for animals through her childhood pet rabbit “Peter Parker.” When she’s not at work, she is busy being a mom and wife and procuring the latest fashion trends.
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Ale is efficient, calm under pressure, and a powerhouse of a worker. She splits her time around the clinic between reception and veterinary assistant with the hopes to give patients excellent care. Her sweet smile reassures clients their pet is in good hands!

With her experience as an Applied Behavioral Specialist, Ale helps with the scheduling of our behavioral cases.

In addition to her administrative time, you’ll find her keeping client educational literature in stock. Ale is happily married with one child and a cute cat named “Nino.”


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Christina, Kennel

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Mateo, Kennel
Mateo joined VSH as a Kennel Assistant in 2024. His love of animals knows no bounds. He loves exotic animals and hopes to work with them in the future. Mateo’s empathy, animal care expertise, and patience make him an asset to our team. Aside from always lending a helping hand, Mateo maintains a high level of organization at our clinic, which is critical for day-to-day operations. When he’s not in the office, he spends his free time exercising, playing soccer, dancing at local bailes, and hanging out with his two dogs “Pepa” and “Echo”